Texas Facts
State Motto:  Friendship
Flower:  Bluebonnet
Tree:  Pecan
Food:  Chili
Small Mammal:  Armadillo
Plant:  Prickly Pear
Fruit:  Texas Red Grapefruit
Population: 22, 859,698
Song:  “Texas Our Texas”
Taxes:  $150 Billion
 Petition to Secede 
We, the undersigned Texas Citizens demand that the Governor, Texas House of Representatives and Senate exercise their rights and mandate a vote of all Texas Residents to withdraw from the United States of America, and form a more perfect union – The Republic of Texas. This Republic shall enter into an agreement with the United States of America settling any and all outstanding debts or land disputes, and shall form its own army to protect its borders, collect its taxes, and manage the government for the welfare of its citizens.
Eligible Petitioners:

- Voters in the United States, who desire to become citizens of the Republic of Texas
- Voters who are Citizens of the State of Texas

I understand that all information I provide on this petition form will be submitted by the Petition Creator to the appropriate governmental entity at such time as necessary to achieve the Succession Goals.

I have read the above Petition to Succeed, and I hereby sign the petition...
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Taxes Paid by Texans to USA:    $150 Billion
For every Dollar paid to the USA, Texans get back only 85 to 90%, 35 other states get back more money than Texas. Keep Texans Taxes in Texas!
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