Texas Facts
State Motto:  Friendship
Flower:  Bluebonnet
Tree:  Pecan
Food:  Chili
Small Mammal:  Armadillo
Plant:  Prickly Pear
Fruit:  Texas Red Grapefruit
Population: 22, 859,698
Song:  “Texas Our Texas”
Taxes:  $150 Billion
 Admission Resolution 
Twenty-Ninth Congress:
Session 1 -- Resolutions
[No. 1.] Joint Resolution for the Admission of the State of Texas into the Union

the Congress of the United States, by a joint resolution approved March the first, eighteen hundred and forty-five, did consent that the territory properly included within, and rightfully belonging to, the Republic of Texas, might be erected into a new State, to be called _The State of Texas,_ with a republican form of government, to be adopted by the people of said republic, by deputies in convention assembled, with the consent of the existing government, in order that the same might be admitted as one of the States of the Union; which consent of Congress was given upon certain conditions specified in the first and second sections of said joint resolution; and whereas the people of the said Republic of Texas, by deputies in convention assembled, with the consent of the existing government, did adopt a constitution, and erect a new State with a republican form of government, and, in the name of the people of Texas, and by their authority, did ordain and declare that they assented to and accepted the proposals, conditions, and guaranties contained in said first and second sections of said resolution: and whereas the said constitution, with the proper evidence of its adoption by the people of the Republic of Texas, has been transmitted to the President of the United States and laid before Congress, in conformity to the provisions of said joint resolution:

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the State of Texas shall be one, and is hereby declared to be one, of the United States of America, and admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatever.
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved, That until the representatives in Congress shall be apportioned according to an actual enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, the State of Texas shall be entitled to choose two representatives.

Approved, December 29, 1845.
Taxes Paid by Texans to USA:    $150 Billion
For every Dollar paid to the USA, Texans get back only 85 to 90%, 35 other states get back more money than Texas. Keep Texans Taxes in Texas!
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