Texas Facts
State Motto:  Friendship
Flower:  Bluebonnet
Tree:  Pecan
Food:  Chili
Small Mammal:  Armadillo
Plant:  Prickly Pear
Fruit:  Texas Red Grapefruit
Population: 22, 859,698
Song:  “Texas Our Texas”
Taxes:  $150 Billion
Welcome to the Republic of Texas!

Do you disagree with most of America?
Do you as a Texan want your freedom back?
Sick of Obama already?

Sign the Petition for Texas to Secede from the Union!
Texas was admitted as a state to the United States of America on July 4, 1845. The conditions were clear – Texas was a Republic, and at its choosing could divide itself into “convenient” states of four, with equal representation as other states in the Union. During the Civil War, Texas joined the Confederate States of America, by a majority vote of its citizens. Texas succeeded from the Union in February 1861, by the voters. At no time since that secession have the voters of Texas accepted or voted to re-join the Union. The only ongoing requirement of Texas government is that no constitutional revision should deny the vote or school rights to any citizen of the United States. After the Civil War, all southern states were issued a proclamation of peace, in essence re-admitting them back to the Union. Since its secession, NO proclamation of peace (which was executed by the other Southern States) exists between Texas and the United States, thus the declaration of secession remains.

Taxes Paid by Texans to USA:    $150 Billion
For every Dollar paid to the USA, Texans get back only 85 to 90%, 35 other states get back more money than Texas. Keep Texans Taxes in Texas!
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